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Social media and Internet use policy: Does my business need one?

Aaron Hall

When a business starts hiring employees, owners often become concerned about their employees' online activity. The concerns may include:

Minnesota manufacturing struts its stuff


Let’s shine the spotlight on a great statewide event happening next week, all across Minnesota:

Decisions for new business owners

Aaron Hall

When forming a business with multiple owners, there are a number of issues that should be addressed in the very beginning. The decisions should then be integrated into the company’s bylaws and any contract among the owners. When I am helping partners, shareholders or other owners start a business, these questions form the basis for our discussion.

Hiring Minnesota Heroes: Connecting employers with veterans

Hiring Minnesota Heroes

The Minnesota Chamber is pleased to announce Hiring Minnesota Heroes, our new program that encourages employers to develop and implement programs focused on hiring military veterans. We are ready to recruit employers, help them adopt veterans hiring goals, and then, most importantly, meet those goals.

When selling your business, preparation is key

Aaron Hall

There are number of significant factors to consider when preparing to sell your business. Preparation can begin sooner than you realize and usually there is an extended process to be completed before a business can be successfully sold. This is to be expected considering that selling a business is a significant event and a lot of hard work has gone into the business. Below are a number of issues to consider.

Bringing Minnesota environmental permitting into the 21st century


For years, the Minnesota environmental permitting system has prompted people to ask: “Why can’t I apply for a permit like I order something from Amazon?” At the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, it was mostly a lack of the technical infrastructure needed to conduct many online transactions.

Top 4 risks to your company's confidential information

hall 200

If you are like most companies in the Information Age, your confidential information is critical to your competitive advantage.

Healthy eating, HealthPartners style

Healthpartners eating healthy event

Minnesota Chamber member HealthPartners employs more than 22,500 individuals and serves over 1.5 million medical and dental plan members nationwide. But, President & CEO Mary Brainerd also wants to serve you lunch. Personally.

China as the world's consumer

vollmers 200 02

China is now the world’s second largest economy and has become a huge and important market for many businesses. In 2013, Minnesota exports to China totaled $2.5 billion ranking second to Canada. Its 1.3 billion people represents a full 20% of the world’s population. There has been incredible growth in the number of middle-class Chinese consumers; the percentage of urban middle class Chinese went from 4% in 2000 to 68% in 2012. In addition, the recent Global Wealth 2014 report by the Boston Consulting Group found that wealth in China grew to $22 trillion last year with China’s millionaire population second only to the United States, and almost double that of Japan.

Efficiencies first in Minnesota transportation policy


The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is pleased to see the work of Transportation Commissioner Charlie Zelle in pushing for greater efficiencies in Minnesota transportation policy. The Chamber has worked closely with Zelle and his senior staff to make progress on this front, and we look forward to continuing our efforts. Minnesota’s economy depends on the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

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