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A pipeline to jobs, economic and energy security


By Harry Melander and Bill Blazar

Energy challenge accepted: Are you in?

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Jump on board with Minnesota Energy Smart and start saving money. Now is the perfect opportunity with the ENERGY STAR® LED Bulb Challenge.

Minnesota voice of business heard loud and clear

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When the Minnesota voice of business speaks, our policy-makers listen. The United for Jobs Coalition, led by the Minnesota Chamber, secured a major victory March 21 as all three sales taxes on business-to-business transactions were repealed, effective March 31, 2014. All Minnesotans benefit from the signing of HF1777, which also  adopts federal conformity for income-tax returns, increases the threshold for estate taxes to $2 million, and repeals the gift tax (retroactive to June 30, 2013). Minnesotans overall receive $443 million in tax relief.

Advance Minnesota voice of business

Business Day at the Capitol 2014

Your voice is critical to advancing the Minnesota voice of business. Our annual Business Day at the Capitol – Wednesday, March 19 - is the perfect opportunity to share your priorities firsthand with your elected officials.

Manufacturing essential to Minnesota workforce


Manufacturers play a significant role in the Minnesota workforce, yet face daily challenges in fulfilling that role. Though it provides nearly 13 percent of all jobs in the state and 15 percent of wages, manufacturing still suffers from a shortage of available, skilled workers and the misperception that its jobs are dirty, dangerous and dark. Never mind that they make things like sterile medical devices, computer components and other precision products.

Repeal B2B taxes – now

Contact your legislators URGE FOR B2B TAX REPEAL

The recent economic forecast adds fuel to our push to repeal all three B2B taxes early in the 2014 Legislature. The immediate removal of these sales taxes on business-to-business transactions is necessary to keep Minnesota businesses competitive with their peers across the nation and world. 

The House vote on March 6 of 126-2 underscores the broad bipartisan support for the immediate repeal these taxes. Legislators have clearly been hearing from their constituents about the negative impact of these taxes on the state’s economy. The Governor continued to show his support, too, with his supplemental budget. We now ask Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk and members of his caucus to join ranks and act quickly to repeal the three taxes by April 1.

Advance common-sense K-12 reforms to build world-class workforce

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In a rapidly shrinking and interconnected world, developing a highly educated and innovative workforce has never been more important.  That’s why the Minnesota Chamber is convening our Education Summit – “Educating Minnesota: Why we can’t keep failing our kids.” Please join us Feb. 6, and help us advance common-sense K-12 reforms to build a world-class workforce.

Focus on efficiency in Minnesota transportation infrastructure

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Transportation “advocates” once again are calling for more money as the answer to improving Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure. Before everyone climbs aboard the new-revenue train, I urge folks to pause for a minute.  I hear the naysayers: This is just the business community whining about high taxes again. Not so quick. I remind everyone of the time and money the business community has invested in transportation infrastructure. 

PolyMet proposal aligns with sound Minnesota environmental policy


The NorthMet Copper Nickel project proposed by PolyMet Mining is a great opportunity to boost Minnesota’s economy while protecting the Minnesota environment that is so vital to our quality of life. I encourage you to learn more about this project and show your support for this project during the public comment period under way before state regulators.

Connect with the Minnesota Chamber to attract top talent

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The Minnesota Chamber excels at connecting you with the people and resources you need to boost your bottom line. Please join us at our webinar on January 14: “Connect, attract and hire top talent.” Spend an hour with our representatives from Abdo, Eick & Meyers – without leaving your desk – and you’ll leave with five solutions for attracting top talent.

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