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Cybersecurity: Protect your Minnesota business from a cyber threat

Posted on Tue, Aug 25, 2015

In an interconnected world, the threat of a cyber attack is more real than ever. Whether it's a business or your personal information being threatened from hackers, Cybersecurity has emerged as a top priority for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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Grow Minnesota! Harnessing public and private resources to keep Minnesota companies strong

Posted on Fri, Aug 21, 2015

Minnesota business owners and managers have their hands full with day-to-day operations. But many sleepless nights are spent worrying about business issues such as permits, importing, exporting, financial assistance, or relocating. What can help them get a better nights sleep?

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Share your expertise as a Minnesota business owner!

Posted on Fri, Aug 7, 2015

We are always on the lookout for members interested in sharing their expertise with other members through webinars, newsletter articles, guest blogs and the annual Business Conference breakout sessions.

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Minnesota’s Influencers: Laura Ekholm

Posted on Tue, Aug 4, 2015

What makes a good business leader?

A good business leader finds and retains excellent employees, and trusts them to do their job. It’s about that simple. 

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Faribault Woolen Mill: Minnesota's oldest manufacturer looks forward to the next 150 years

Posted on Thu, Jul 30, 2015

Most Minnesota businesses would likely agree that each anniversary is worth celebrating – another year spent serving customers, creating innovative products and employing valued workers. But given the demands and pressures that each business faces, it's easy to watch the calendar flip by without stopping to celebrate what we've all accomplished.

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Giving a great business presentation takes practice

Posted on Mon, Jul 27, 2015

By Sara Socwell, Spoken Impact

Let’s face it, many of us were not communications majors nor did we spend much time focusing on our speaking skills as we ventured into the working world. Now more than ever, delivering a polished presentation is imperative to win over a new client, pitch to investors, or rally the team for a new initiative. Our partnership with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce gives you the opportunity to be a speaking expert.

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Minnesota's capital equipment tax law change a boon to manufacturers

Posted on Mon, Jul 20, 2015

Minnesota business owners sounded a collective cheer July 1. Minnesota's capital equipment tax law will save many companies, especially manufacturers, time and red tape while freeing up money to reinvest in their people and equipment.

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Medical marijuana and the workplace: What you need to know

Posted on Wed, Jul 15, 2015

Effective July 1, medical marijuana is available to registered users under Minnesota’s new law. Today's post answers some of employers’ most frequently asked questions around the use of medical marijuana in the workplace. 

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Sustainability: Minnesota Chamber of Commerce practices what it preaches

Posted on Wed, Jul 1, 2015

By Mike Weitekamp

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Cushman & Wakefield/Northmarq and Securian, is taking its sustainability programs to heart by implementing organics, single stream, and plastic film recycling programs in its St. Paul office.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

Posted on Mon, Jun 15, 2015

By Todd Vollmers

Many U.S. companies rely on exports and/or imports as an important part of their business. Large companies are often associated with doing business internationally. In fact, small and medium companies represent 97% of the U.S. firms engaged in international trade, even though they account for less than 30% of the total value.

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