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China as the world's consumer

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China is now the world’s second largest economy and has become a huge and important market for many businesses. In 2013, Minnesota exports to China totaled $2.5 billion ranking second to Canada. Its 1.3 billion people represents a full 20% of the world’s population. There has been incredible growth in the number of middle-class Chinese consumers; the percentage of urban middle class Chinese went from 4% in 2000 to 68% in 2012. In addition, the recent Global Wealth 2014 report by the Boston Consulting Group found that wealth in China grew to $22 trillion last year with China’s millionaire population second only to the United States, and almost double that of Japan.

Efficiencies first in Minnesota transportation policy


The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is pleased to see the work of Transportation Commissioner Charlie Zelle in pushing for greater efficiencies in Minnesota transportation policy. The Chamber has worked closely with Zelle and his senior staff to make progress on this front, and we look forward to continuing our efforts. Minnesota’s economy depends on the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

Sustainability: Growing your business in Minnesota

JOIN US Oct. 8!

Attend the Minnesota Chamber’s Business Conference on October 8 and gain insight into sustainability measures that can assist in growing your business in Minnesota. Our event offers four educational tracks – Advocate, Connect, Grow and Sustain. As part of our Sustain track, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Minnesota Waste Wise, our program that provides customized waste and energy consulting services to more than 520 businesses each year. The Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation was created in 2004 on the philosophy that less waste is smart business for a better environment.

Break free from dull presentations

joan moser2

By Joan Moser
Spoken Impact

The best presentations are seldom accomplished when PowerPoint has center stage because PowerPoint is about bullets and points – not about you or your message. We need to take PowerPoint out of the limelight and starting lighting up our audience with communication that makes an impact.

Project Green Fleet - shining example of Minnesota business leadership

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Minnesota business leadership is at the forefront once again with the announcement by the Environmental Initiative that the entire Minnesota school bus fleet has been retrofitted with pollution control equipment. Project Green Fleet was crafted in 2005 by a coalition of businesses, environmental groups, government agencies and citizens. Key to its start was the leadership of the Minnesota Chamber.

Minnesota increases minimum wage for employees

Steven M. Cerny

By Steven Cerny, Business Attorney
Thompson Hall Santi Cerny & Dooley, a business law firm in Minneapolis

The 2014 Legislature increased the state’s minimum wage for employees. The last increase was in 2005. The new law, effective Aug.1, 2014, gradually increases the minimum wage each year. By 2016, the minimum wage will be $9.50 per hour for large employers and $7.75 per hour for small employers. Starting in 2018, the law will automatically increase the minimum wage to account for inflation, unless the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry determines otherwise.

Scrubs Camps address Minnesota workforce challenges

Scrub camp

Two years ago, the Minnesota Chamber partnered with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the state’s Department of Employment and Economic Development to dig into the workforce challenges faced by many of the state’s industries. For the healthcare-focused sessions alone, more than 280 individuals attended the meetings.

Digi-Key Corporation explodes on the global scene

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Digi-Key Corporation, experiencing success in the domestic market, initially explored the international marketplace by expanding into Canada in 1995. Today, Digi-Key ships to more than 170 countries worldwide. Its remarkable success in distributing electronic components was fostered by stellar customer service and broad product offerings. A Q&A with President Mark Larson at company headquarters in Thief River Falls provides valuable takeaways for other companies seeking a global presence.

Why Minnesota businesses need to go global – and how

Ingrid Christensen

Going global isn’t like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It takes hard work and dedication, just like every aspect of business. But grabbing a piece of that pie is more attainable than ever. Consider the fact that Minnesota businesses exported more than $20.7 billion in 2013 – and here’s why:

Voice of business: Start the conversation for 2015

VotingRecord 2014

The Minnesota Chamber, as the state’s premier voice of business, annually provides a legislative voting record to track the issues that Minnesota businesses have identified as priorities or concerns.

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