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Minnesota employers having trouble complying with “Ban the Box” law

Aaron Hall

In 2014, Governor Dayton signed what is collectively called “Ban the Box” legislation. The law prohibits private employers from requiring potential employees to admit on a job application – by checking a box – whether they have been convicted of a serious crime. This ban has been in effect for public employers in Minnesota since 2009.

Think spring. Think baseball. Think green.

Saints baseball

Yes, we’re just digging in our heels for another unpredictable Minnesota winter. But it’s not too early to conjure up images of America’s favorite summer pastime – in a new venue. The St. Paul Saints are ready to welcome us.

Polish your speaking skills; expand your network

Sara Socwell

Giving a great business presentation takes practice. Spoken Impact is pleased to partner with the Minnesota Chamber to help you take your skills to the next level.

Filling critical gaps in our Minnesota workforce


Accelerating efforts to help employers in filling critical gaps in our Minnesota workforce is a top priority at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. Members of the Minnesota Chamber Education and Workforce Development Policy Committee recently visited two impressive organizations – Better Futures Enterprises and Summit Academy OIC – whose work assists in that effort. Each aims to transform the lives of participants, helping them achieve greater economic security, independence from social services, and productive roles in their families and society.

What is tax inversion?

Aaron Hall

Companies with a headquarters in the United States must pay taxes on all income including income from business operations outside the United States. However, if that company moves its headquarters to another country, ceasing to be a U.S. company, it would no longer have to pay taxes on revenue derived outside of the United States because it would become a foreign company. This concept is called tax inversion. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Network, advance policy with the Minnesota Chamber

Jan Kruchoski

The Minnesota Chamber is crisscrossing the state during its fall Statewide Policy Tour. Please take advantage of this opportunity to engage in some great conversation with your peers, get up-to-date on pro-business policies advocated by the Minnesota Chamber, and receive a personal tour of some of the companies that drive our state’s economy.

Honoring our nation’s heroes

soldier with flag

The Minnesota Chamber joins Americans today as we recognize the many sacrifices our courageous sons and daughters make to keep our nation strong, safe and free. It’s also an opportunity to recognize the values and skills that veterans bring to Minnesota workplaces. Hiring Minnesota Heroes is here to connect employers and veterans.

Quick tips for non-compete agreements

Aaron Hall

Non-compete agreements can be important tools for employers. Here are some quick tips to think about when drafting and executing these agreements with employees.

Minnesota voters send pro-jobs message

Elections 2014

Voters sent a clear pro-jobs message via their Minnesota House votes in Tuesday’s elections. They want to move the state forward with policies designed to help every business grow, especially so in Greater Minnesota.

Why should you do a business review?


Some business owners only hire attorneys for specific projects. But some business owners prefer to work with an attorney for a long period, to build a relationship, and have the attorney become a trusted adviser.

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